Our current supporters

We are delighted to have the support of the following local organisations and businesses during 2017 and beyond.
If you work for a local business or a local branch of a national organisation they may be able to help.

Your local restaurant, hairdressers or high street shop may also be able to fundraise for us.
Please ask if they would be willing to help through donations, services, advice, contacts or gifts in kind and let us know.

TSB - Harrow

TSB Harrow - Charity of the Year 2016/17

We were delighted that the Harrow branch of TSB chose us as their Charity of the Year 2016/17. The partnership raised a fantastic £2,740 from a variety of fundraising events organised by members of staff. 

Tesco - Pinner Green

Tesco is the first UK retailer to sign up to the Food Cloud, an innovative online platform to link retailers with local charities to enable them to donate surplus food and goods. We are delighted that the Pinner Green branch of Tesco is now regularly donating surplus food to us which we use at our drop-in sessions and workshops.

Edgware Lions

The Edgware Lions Club is a part of Lions Club International, a network of volunteers who work together to answer the needs that challenge communities around the world. The Edgware branch is a very active in the local community and we are delighted to be their Charity of the Year. The Lions are planning lots of events this year including a golf event in the Summer.


EdmissionUK is a leading International Higher Education and Cultural Consultancy advising students on all aspects of Higher Education and Culture within the UK and Europe. We are currently its Charity of the Year and will be benefiting from a number of fundraising initiatives during our partnership.

Capital Connection

Capital Connection is an award-winning female acapella (four-part unaccompanied harmony) chorus based in Ruislip. The chorus sang at our 20th anniversary dinner in 2016 and we are delighted that they have chosen us to be their 2017 Charity of the Year. We are looking forward to hearing them sing again to help raise more funds to support the work we do.

Archie’s Way

Archie’s Way by Lewis and Daniil Owens
Illustrated by Anna Robertson Davis

We are delighted to be one of two charities benefitting from the proceeds of Archie’s Way, an eBook written by Lewis and Daniil Owens. The other charity to benefit is the National Autistic Society.

Archie’s Way is a story about 11-year-old Archie, who has a rather unique mind and way of seeing things. He loves numbers and trains but hates being late and his Dad’s embarrassing jokes. Undertaking the London Tube Challenge with his Dad, Archie finds himself not only looking back into the past but also forward to the future in order to solve a mystery and help the strange, ghostly figure of Eugene Reeves. Along the journey, Archie also realises why his favourite school classmate, Felicity Fishmonger, is sometimes cruel to him but deep down is a really good person.

“Archie’s Way is a delightful and poignant read, reminding us that not all children think the same way. Funny, moving and historical, with some entertaining references to West Ham! Highly recommended!”
Baroness Karren Brady

A copy of the eBook can be purchased for £4.99 by following the link below http://www.archies-way.com/buy-the-book/4593402070