'Empowering Ourselves to Be Heard' Training for Professionals

We can offer professional training as part of our “Empowering Ourselves to be Heard” project. The training is a collaboration between CAAS staff, autistic adults, adults with ADHD and carers of individuals with both conditions. This has resulted in a powerful training programme which has been written up as an example of good practice in the updated Department of Health “Think Autism” strategy document.

Training is available to small groups as well as wider audiences and can be tailored to your organisational needs.

Understanding ADHD for Professionals
Monday 24th September 2018 from 9.30am till 3.30pm

Our "Empowering Ourselves to Be Heard" Project is central to the philosophy of what we believe in at CAAS. To truly understand ADHD we need to listen to the voices of ADHD people. We aim to support and empower ADHD individuals and those around them.

This highly commended training is delivered by our experienced trainers and facilitators, parents of ADHD individuals and most importantly, ADHD people themselves. It truly empowers all those who participate to get their voices heard.

Our training will provide:


A theoretical understanding of ADHD providing knowledge about the characteristics and diagnostic criteria. We will look at how these differences are expressed: creativity, challenging behaviour, impulsivity, communication difficulties, social issues, mental health experiences, executive function challenges, aptitudes and skills.

We will also briefly explore parenting ADHD children giving a view of the parent's/carer experience.


Insight into the unique perspective of ADHD people through listening to a panel of adults, each with their own experience and story to share.

The panel will be followed by smaller discussion groups where you will have the opportunity to engage, explore and ask questions of our panellists to support you in developing your own practice in supporting individuals with ADHD.

Delegates will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.

The “Empowering” project also provide tailor-made neurodiversity training (ADHD and/or autism) to meet the particular needs of your profession or workplace. Please contact us for more information.

Refreshments and lunch will be provided. Please specify any dietary requirements upon booking.

We have 15 subsided places available at a rate of £40 per person. Any further bookings will be at the standard rate of £75 per person.

To book, please click this link.

Feedback from previous training

National Crime Agency delegate

"As a manager, I would sincerely ask that every NCA officer receives this training. Offered a great insight into autism and ADHD. Superb course brought to life by the wonderful trainers and speakers."

National Crime Agency delegate

"It brought to life matters I previously had little knowledge of. I thought the delivery was fantastic and the guest speakers were inspiring."

Adult Social Care Worker

"I think this training is invaluable. An absolute must in skills to incorporate in daily experiences and working with people with autism."

Adult Social Worker

"This has been the most interesting and informative training course that I have ever attended. It was outstanding."


"Overall the course was fabulous and the staff are very knowledgeable about this training. I enjoyed the speakers as you get more of an outlook into the lives of autistic people and the way the live their reality.

Early Intervention Worker

"Good delivery, kept us well engaged. Appreciated the honest and use of ‘real’ families."

West Herts College Counsellors

“A really enlightening day. I have had training on this subject before, but this was at a different level and really enhanced my understanding.”


The project was created in response to the Autism Act 2009 which stated that "In line with the 2010 statutory guidance, local authorities should be providing general autism awareness to all frontline staff in contact with adults with autism".

The team at CAAS firmly believe that to understand ADHD and autism we have to listen to autistic/ADHD voices.  The project plans, prepares and trains young people and adults with a diagnosis of autism or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) as well as carers to deliver training and presentations to health care professionals, local business, social care, police and public services as well as the local and wider community. Also, the project has enabled individuals to self-advocate, support and mentor others.

Each person on the Empowering project has taken part in a programme of training which included documenting their own stories with the support of a volunteer. This enabled them to identify which areas had been specifically challenging and what would have helped them. This was followed by presentation skills training, public speaking and an opportunity to present to others. Everyone on the project can access ongoing support in the form of counselling and specialist ADHD/ASD coaching if required.

So far many of the adults have been able to present multiple times to various audiences including; the Local Authority Early Intervention Services, Local Authority Adult Social Care Teams, Health, Schools, Cambridge University, the National Crime Agency to name but a few.

Not only do professionals benefit, but it has also helped individuals to have a voice and gain confidence in educating others about ADHD or autism.

Carers have also found it has helped them to advocate for their children as well as be more assertive in getting the help they need for them.

If you are interested or need more information, please contact Lynne Laverty or Therese Glynn on 020 8866 4334

Or email us at enquiries@adhdandautism.org