Understanding the Impact of Puberty and Adolescence


Monday 1st April 2019 from 10.30am till 2.30pm

Ticket Price: £20 Members / £30 Non-Members

Geoff Evans will be joining us to talk about Autism, adolescence, sexuality and boundaries.

In this training, Geoff will be looking at the important issues around supporting autistic children and young people in adolescence. This will include helping them to cope with the changing expectations, emotional and physical changes that take place. The training will begin by discussing why this can be difficult for autistic individuals and give practical ways of supporting with these.

Specific areas of discussion will include forming positive relationships and sexual expression. We will also explore areas that can be difficult for many autistic young people such as personal space, public and private, staying safe and appropriate and inappropriate sexual expression. Geoff will provide the opportunity to discuss other areas as required by the participants. This training will be relevant to parents and professionals.

Who is Geoff?
Geoff started his career as a social worker then moved to the National Autistic Society, where he worked for over 20 years. During this time he gained considerable experience in working with individuals across the whole spectrum as well as supporting families including siblings. As well as his social work qualifications, Geoff has qualifications in Management and an MEd degree in Training and Development. His extensive experience, gained over more than two decades, has been used by Universities, the National Autistic Society, Local Authorities and others to enhance the design, content and delivery of a range of training programs. These have been delivered to professionals across many disciplines including health staff, teachers, social workers and care professionals. His parent training has been described as inspirational and very practical.

Geoff’s continuing professional and academic interests in autism include sexuality in adolescence, sensory perception and processing in young people, managing stress and anxiety, behaviour which challenges and family support. He has recently researched the competencies required to work effectively with autistic individuals and how these fit within a holistic framework.

In recent years Geoff has consolidated his position as an expert in the field of autism and has built a national and international reputation as a renowned speaker and specialist trainer. This has recently been recognized when he was shortlisted for the NAS lifetime Achievement Award.

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