Talking to your child about their diagnosis - Rescheduled.


Monday 8th July from 10 am till 1 pm

Ticket Price: £20 Members / £30 Non-Members

This session will be delivered by Sarah-Jane Critchley of "A Different Joy."

Who Should Attend: 
Parents, carers and professionals supporting them.

Why you should attend: 
Sharing a child’s diagnosis with those around them in a caring and positive way can make a huge difference in their wellbeing and impact their well-being in the long term. This session will help you to do that better.

Session Aims:
To support parents in sharing a diagnosis with their child, siblings, wider family and professionals

When you have finished this session, you will be able to: 

  • Play the waiting game
  • Understand how the diagnostic process works and why timing matters
  • Know why it’s good to share the diagnosis
  • Understand the impact that a diagnosis can have on parents
  • Know where you are in the process of moving towards acceptance
  • Understand what your child needs to know
  • Understand what to say at each age and stage of your child’s development
  • Know about age-appropriate resources
  • Understand about sharing the knowledge with siblings
  • Understand how to help your child know when to share that information with others and how to do it
  • Know how to tell members of your wider family
  • Understand who else needs to know and how to tell them.

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Sleep Success

Monday 15th July 2019 from 9.30am till 2.30pm

Ticket Price: £30 Members

This session will be delivered by Lynne Laverty, Director of Autism Services and Zeena Bishop, Family Support Worker. Both are qualified Sleep Practitioners.

The workshop includes:

  • Understanding sleep cycles
  • Common sleep issues and strategies to manage these
  • Establishing appropriate routines
  • Keeping sleep diaries and interpreting the data
  • Environments
  • Delegate resource pack

With this workshop parents will also get ongoing sleep support from the CAAS team for up to six weeks via phone, email or text whilst you are implementing any changes.

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